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  • Why the traditional education system has failed you, leaving you struggling financially, time poor and feeling lost AND why it's easier than ever before to build an instantly cash flowing online business (it requires very little time and resources to start) 
  • ​How to replace your income and overcome the current economic climate with a simple 4-step process that is proven to help you make money online even if you have NO EXPERIENCE
  • How to LEAP! (Learn, Earn, Accelerate, Prosper) As an accredited vocational training company and qualified financial advisor, I'll be sharing with you have to become a REAL online entrepreneur   
  • ​A little-known method for picking the most profitable products to sell online, how to acquire them with nearly ZERO INVESTMENT and sell them directly to a read-made audience of buyers (no need for you to pay for manufacturing, shipping or incur ant costs)
  • A proven technique to turn the time you spend scrolling online into a thriving online business that generates you £££thousands every month from just a few hours work!
  • The step-by-step strategy I used to make my first million online (which allowed me to permanently quit my 9-5 without being             on a budget or struggling to pay bills)
  • Why it's never to late to ReThink your financial future and achieve the life you deserve and free time to do what you want  
  • ​And much, much more!

The ReThink Academy Is The World's Leading Online Training Academy For New Online Entrepreneurs

This Online Workshop is perfect for you if...

  • You're tired and frustrated in your job and dream of having more time and freedom.
  • ​You currently own a business or want to own to build an online business that provides you with a stable source of passive income with just a few hours work per week.  
  • ​You’re sick of wasting time on social media seeing others succeed and would like to discover how to turn scrolling into a scalable business instead!
  • ​You're a new entrepreneur and want to learn from a team of experts that have all built highly profitable business with proven techniques and strategies you can copy...

The ReThink Academy has generated over $37 million in revenue from Clickfunnels alone ,using the exact method you're able to learn!

  • Learn from regular people just like you how they have quit their day job, replaced their income and build an online business generating in excess of $10,000 every month!
  • ​Hear from ordinary people now living extraordinary lives because of the freedom and time afforded to them understanding how to use social media to generate an income
  • ​This strategy can work for ANYONE, regardless of experience. Students from as young as 9 to 85 years young have had success by following this one step-by-step system. 
  • ​This is the start of your online entrepreneurial journey, we not only focus on wealth but on 7 key areas, critical for achieving your goals and dreams. These are Relationships, Earnings, Tao, Health, Investments, Networks & Knowledge

You accredited vocational training partner...

The ReThink Academy is an accredited vocational training partner designed to help you safely and confidently earn a consistent online income, allowing you to accelerate your success and prosper in all areas of life. You will be taught and mentored by experienced entrepreneur coaches, who themselves have built 6 & 7 figure online businesses.

Countless People All Over The World Are Benefiting From This Method! This Is What They Are Saying!


"In two days I added an additional 2,500 followers and fans"


"You will learn from A-Z in absolute detail... Invest in your future..."


"I am absolutely blown away"


"If you're not IMPOSSIBLY excited about your future after taking this course, you won't ever be ready!"

This tested and proven blueprint for growing an online business that you’re about to discover will work for you EVEN IF:

  • You’ve tried to start and grow an online business in the past but couldn’t figure out how to grow revenue effectively to achieve stable, consistent profit growth
  • ​You have never sold anything online, have zero marketing experience, and aren’t tech-savvy at all 
  • ​You don’t think you have enough time because you already work a 9-5 that keeps you busy day in and day out (this method only requires a few hours per week) 
  • ​You’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur but have been too scared to take the leap without knowing that you’re on the right track (worry not, you are now)
Seats for this free 2 hour training are limited and guaranteed to fill up. Secure your seat now and get access to Amazon best-selling book ReThink Social Media when you attend!


  • Access billions of people each and every day by utilising social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter (X), and Instagram.
  • ​Build a strong following of thousands of people ready to buy your products and services.
  • ​Overcome the current economical climate and replace your income by discovering the secrets to making money online!
Your Online Workshop Host: 
Paul O’Mahony is the CEO and founder of The ReThink Academy, the world's leading online training academy for online entrepreneurs. 

Paul had spent years in the corporate world until one day he decided to break free and start his online business. He didn’t know what to do or how to get started, had zero experience in the industry, and couldn’t afford to spend extra money. 

However, by following a step-by-step system he was able to grow his first online business to $10k/month in just 6 months. Since then, he has been empowering ordinary people all around the world to live extraordinary lives!

We’ve helped hundreds of clients change their lives.
Here’s what they have to say!

“Been in business for 15+ years. I honestly thank you. This is the best thing I’ve ever done. The practical content is very useful.”

Stephen N.

“I’ve learned so much and I’m taking my online business to new heights. I can't thank you enough for all the insights and secrets you shared with us.” 

Martin V.N.

“Paul is an awesome thinker on business. I have transformed my business and now I am more profitable. It’s been a huge success, so thank you, Paul.”

Leandro M.

“I’ve learned so much and I’ve never been so redefined as I am right now. I learned so much about Facebook. I’m blowing up with excitement.”

Francesca S.

“Wow. Such a breath of fresh air. The stuff that I learned from Paul, I don't even think the other guys know about it. This is going to blow my business out of the park.

Thomas V.H.

“Thank you. This motivated me and I believe I can do it. There was a wealth of information.” 

Gillian L.

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